Coast Guard FOIA
A Year Later, Coast Guard Provides Emails Regarding Troubled Offshore Wind Study
The U.S. Coast Guard has ended its year-long slow walk on filling requests for basic public records regarding a lobbyist-driven offshore energy study known as the Atlantic Coast Port Access Route Study (ACPARS). That study, which took five years to complete, made recommendations that could reduce wind energy areas off the Eastern Seaboard by 50 percent – making widespread adoption of offshore wind energy unviable.
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George Detweiler
Next Step in Investigation of Coast Guard Offshore Wind Energy Study
C&BP Requests Records of Coast Guard’s George Detweiler As our probe into the Coast Guard’s offshore wind study continues, a central player has emerged: George Detweiler. As readers will remember, we’ve been investigating the shipping lobby’s influence over an important, five-year study about balancing the development of a fledgling offshore wind energy industry in the… Read more »
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Admiral Paul F. Zukunft
Update: Federal Agency to Mediate Coast Guard’s Public Records Evasion
  The federal government’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ombudsman, the Office of Government Information Services (OGIS), has agreed to mediate Checks and Balances Project’s complaint that the U.S. Coast Guard has refused to provide lawful, taxpayer-funded public records. Since February, we have been asking the Coast Guard to answer basic questions about its offshore… Read more »
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offshore wind energy
Coast Guard Claim of “No External Participation” Contradicted by Shipping Lobbyist
 Lobbyist was “Very Engaged” in Anti-Offshore Wind Energy Study In 2009, not long after President Obama declared the creation of an offshore wind energy industry a national priority, shipping industry lobbyists began working to block it. When the U.S. Interior Department began an accelerated leasing process the following year “to facilitate siting, leasing, and construction… Read more »
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