Coast Guard Study Blockades Offshore Wind Energy

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After five years of delay, the U.S. Coast Guard finally released a study that concludes commercial shipping off the Eastern Seaboard is incompatible with a proposed offshore wind energy industry – despite the fact that Europe has successfully integrated the two for more than a decade. The Obama Administration has promoted the development of offshore… Read more »

Monica Crowley Is Wrong About Green Energy in The Washington Times

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She ignores the disproportionate health effects fossil fuel pollutants have on low-income and minority communities Instead of repeating fossil fuel talking points and discredited research, I’d hoped Monica Crowley’s recent piece on clean energy would offer an explicit and clear call for policies to address the challenges of climate disruption. That she’d advocate for proven… Read more »

Wisconsin Public Service Commission’s Visitors Log Tells Tales

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Nine Times More Meetings with Utility Lobbyists Than Clean Energy Reps   On the third floor of the Public Service Commission (PSC) headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, directly across from the elevator, is the guard’s desk. There you’ll find the visitors sign-in log. Our analysis of a 17-month period documents the Commission’s greater than 9-to-1 preference… Read more »

Communities of Color Deserve a Clean Energy Future

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On Earth Day, it is vital we remember how important clean energy and environmental equity are for low-income communities and communities of color. Because when Black and Brown neighborhoods and families are healthy and thriving, our entire country reaps the benefits. Unfortunately, there are a few groups that advocate against reasonable clean energy policies that… Read more »

Will Transparency or Corporation Commission’s Gamesmanship Prevail in Arizona?

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A critical decision is approaching in the effort to enforce public access to public records. Superior Court Judge Randall Warner will soon decide whether to allow continued gamesmanship by Arizona Public Service-connected players in Arizona government or take a step toward public transparency. On April 15, 2016, we submitted a new motion to the court…. Read more »

Arizonans Overwhelmingly Want Stump’s Text Messages Released

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After Year of Evasion on Record Requests, New Poll Shows a Majority Reject Stump’s Assertions    (Note: this story was updated on March 8, 2016.)    Lawyers for the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) tried today to have a judge help it to continue blocking public access to thousands of work-related text messages on Commissioner Bob Stump’s… Read more »